Intrasite Gel Applipak 8g – Pack of 10

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The Intrasite Gel Applipak 8g represents an amorphous hydrogel designed to facilitate the gentle removal of necrotic tissue while encouraging swift healing. It possesses the capacity to loosen and absorb slough and exudate, promoting a moist wound environment for advanced stages of healing. With its non-adherent nature, it safeguards viable tissue and the surrounding skin from harm. These qualities render Intrasite Gel suitable for all phases of wound care.

Key Attributes of Intrasite Gel Applipak 8g:
– Formulated with partially hydrated hydrogel
– Incorporates propylene glycol
– Fosters a conducive environment for wound healing by maintaining moisture
– Safely absorbs slough and exudate without compromising delicate granulation tissue
– Balances effectiveness with gentleness
– Facilitates straightforward application through the innovative Applipak system, ensuring precise and controlled usage even in challenging wound locations


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