Kinesiology Black Tape 5cm x 5m – Box of 12

Aero HealthCare
Category: SKU: APKT50B


Introducing Our Latest Line of Premium Sports Tape:

  • Supabond™ Hypoallergenic Adhesive
  • Crafted from High-Quality Performance Materials
  • Offering Competitive Pricing
  • Free of Latex
  • Designed to be Lightweight for Comfort and Enhanced Performance
  • Available in Flexible Kinesiology and Rigid Options
  • Trusted both on and off the field

Our AeroPlast Kinesiology Tapes are exceptionally flexible elastic tapes that adhere tightly to the skin, promoting increased blood flow and alleviating pressure on injured muscles. The Supabond™ Hypoallergenic Adhesive, latex-free with minimal allergy risk, ensures a secure grip with superb conformability, especially in tricky joint areas.


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