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Cardiac Monitor Electrodes

At LFA First Response, we stock 3M Red Dot stock cardiac monitor electrodes which are solid gel electrodes that provides an uninterrupted tracing. Our diaphoretic monitoring electrodes come in a box of 50 and they adhere securely to the skin. These electrodes can be worn for up to three days and are suitable for use on adults.

Our 3M Red Dot monitoring electrodes are widely used in hospital and clinical settings to assist with electrocardiograms (ECGs) for a variety of patients, skin types and monitoring situations. The 3M cardiac monitor electrodes are composed of a patented solid gel that adheres easily to the skin to allow for high-quality traces. The adhesive allows for adhesion to the skin, even in moist conditions, to allow for uninterrupted monitoring. The gel formulation has a low chloride content which minimises skin irritation for optimal comfort.

Reduce Wastage and Improve Patient Care

High-quality diaphoretic monitoring electrodes have a number of benefits in the hospital or clinical settings as they reduce overall wastage and support improved patient care. At LFA First Response, all of our products are appropriately registered by the Therapeutics Goods Administration of Australia to ensure that all of our products are of high quality. We provide unbeatable use-by dates on our consumable products which means you get the most out of your products. LFA First Response offers wholesale medical supplies in a range of categories and endeavours to keep you prepared for any situation.

LFA First Response prides itself on our friendly, knowledgeable and timely customer service and works with you to find a customised solution for your medical supply requirements. We have an extensive stock holding which allows for quick delivery. For more information about our 3M Red Dot monitoring electrodes, contact LFA First Response today.


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