Riders Kit

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A small and compact kit, ideal for use when you only have small storage space. Perfect for saddlebags and backpacks.

Kit Size: 11cm x 5cm x 15cm

If you’re looking for a first aid kit for bike riders, this kit is the ideal companion. These kits were designed with bike riders and motorcycle riders in mind, helping equip you with all you need to treat some of the most common injuries you could face on your bike. Although you do everything you can to prevent major injuries, you need to be prepared for all types of incidents when an accident does occur.

As the best first aid kit for motorcycle riders, the kit contains burn gel sachets, wound dressings, bandages, cleansing wipes and more. By purchasing this first aid kit for bike riders, you’ll be demonstrating your commitment to safety and acknowledging that this kit could be the difference between life and death in a road accident.

Many people worry about lugging around a first aid kit when they’re on their bike, but thanks to the compact size of the kit, you’re able to easily carry this with you in a backpack or saddleback.


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