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Stabilisation for Open Book Pelvic Fractures

SAM Pelvic sling in Medium is a circumferential pelvic belt, designed to stabilise open-book pelvic fractures in the case of a traumatic pelvic injury.

It has been scientifically proven in peer reviewed studies to effectively reduce and stabilise open-book pelvic ring fractures.

What determines an open book pelvic fracture?

Open-book pelvic ring fractures are serious pelvic injuries, which result in both sides of the pelvis becoming separated from the front and the rear, hence the term ‘open book’. Open book pelvic ring fractures are caused by a high impact trauma, usually a vehicle accident. In the case of an open-book pelvic ring fracture, immediate stabilisation of the pelvis is required before the patient is moved.

Open-book pelvic fractures are anteroposterior compression injuries, and therefore often cause major arterial damage and blood loss. The stabilisation of the pelvis aids in reducing blood loss from the pelvic blood vessels, as well as helping to secure the pelvic bones during patient transport.

SAM Pelvic Sling in Medium – Design

The SAM Pelvic Sling in Medium has a one piece design, consisting of a fitted strap and autostop buckle, which is activated by force. It is straightforward and easy to use in the case of an emergency.

The narrow and tapered front allows for urinary catheterization, interventional radiology, external fixation and abdominal surgery without removal.

SAM Pelvic Sling Instructions

  1. Place the belt around the trauma patient’s pelvis, with the belt buckle facing upwards.
  2. Tighten the strap to achieve correct compression force – this is indicated by an audible clicking sound from the belt buckle.
  3. The prongs will activate automatically, securing the belt firmly in place.

Features of the SAM Pelvic Sling in Medium


The SAM AUTOSTOP buckle is designed specifically to prevent over-tightening or under-tightening the SAM Pelvic Sling. Once the correct compressive force is reached, two prongs activate, and there is an audible ‘click’ to confirm the belt is correctly secured in place. The sling is secured by the hook and loop system strap.

Low-friction posterior sliding base

Low friction materials cover the back of the pelvic sling to allow for easier transfers following severe pelvic trauma to the patient.

Precision strap

The SAM strap has precisely-engineered holes, which are designed to lock with the AUTOSTOP buckle once optimal compressive force is achieved.

Radiolucent material

All materials on the SAM Pelvic Sling are radiolucent allowing for X-rays and CT-scans to be performed without removal of the sling.

3 sizes available

The SAM Pelvic Sling is available in 3 sizes – Small, Medium, and Large.

The Medium size fits 95% of the adult population.

By having the complete set of Small, Medium and Large sizes, almost any body type will be catered for in the case of an emergency.

Product specifications

Packaged size and weight*

Height: 5.5 in (14 cm)
Width: 7.5 in (19 cm)
Depth: 3.75 in (9.5 cm)
Weight: 8.6 – 9.2 oz (244 – 250g)**
*Size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process.
** Weight varies by size (Small, Medium, Large)

Operating principle

The correct compression force is 150N of circumferential pressure. This is indicated when the SAM AUTOSTOP buckle’s prongs extend through the precision strap and an audible ‘click’ is heard.

Models available

Civilian – Orange/Blue

Small: 27-45 in (69 – 114 cm)
Medium: 32 – 50 in (81 – 127 cm)
Large: 36 – 54 in (91 – 137 cm)

Military – OD Green/Black

Medium: 32 – 50 in (81 – 127 cm)


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