Scalpel Blade size 23 Single

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LFA First Response stock high quality, medical grade scalpel blades. Our single use scalpel blades are available in size 23 which is ideal for making long incisions during surgery and are commonly used for abdominal repairs. Manufactured from carbon steel, our scalpel blades size 23 provide a sharper edge and are sharped along the leading edge for greater precision during surgery. We understand the importance of providing high-quality scalpel blades to ensure the best outcome for patients across the medical field. 

Our scalpel blades are individually foil packed and sterile for ease of use. Manufactured for single use only, these scalpel blades should be disposed of after each use. LFA First Response offers superior range and quality and we offer a range of scalpels blades for medical professionals. Contact us today for a quick quote – we offer customised options depending on your needs.


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