SnakeProtex Snake Protective Chaps – Small

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Size: Small

Weight: approx. 290g each gaiter

Proper Usage Guidelines for SnakeProtex Gaiters

Ensure you wear the gaiters over appropriate trousers and boots – avoid wearing them with low-cut shoes!

While using SnakeProtex gaiters, exercise common sense and take precautions to prevent contact with venomous species. In general, snakes are unlikely to strike unless provoked or inadvertently stepped on.

Please note that the photos and images featured in this document may display variations and updates in the product. These changes are the result of rigorous testing and improvements. We value your feedback, as well as any stories or adventures you’d like to share while wearing SnakeProtex. Rest assured, our product has undergone extensive testing, including the ‘chew test,’ before release.

It is important to note that SnakeProtex do not make the claim that this product is “snake-proof” due to the numerous variables involved. Additionally, they cannot guarantee that a snake will not strike above the gaiter, although this is unlikely with most Australian snakes. However, the sturdy inner layers of our gaiter are designed to prevent a snake’s fangs from penetrating through to the skin.


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