IV Tegaderm Dressing 7 x 8.5cm Box 100

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LFA First Response stock Tegaderm IV transparent film dressings to allow for the easy monitoring of IV lines and cannulas without the need to remove the dressing. These secure dressings feature a cut in notch design which allows it to fit around IV sites with ease. Tegaderm dressings are reinforced with soft cloth tape to provide a better seal around catheters and other devices for superior comfort. Designed to peripheral IV sites, these secure dressings reduce the risk of dislodgement, infiltration or infection. 

Tegaderm IV transparent dressings measure 7cm x 8.5cm and are suitable for use for most adults. These breathable, waterproof secure dressings allow oxygen to reach the site but does not allow liquids to penetrate. The clever design provides the ability to carry out one-handed application without the dressing sticking to itself. Get in touch with LFA First Response today for a quick quote. 


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