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LFA First Response stocks high quality, cost-effective tourniquet training devices which are used for delivering training courses for arterial bleeding. Our emergency tourniquet training device is orange in colour and can be used multiple times. This tourniquet training device is for training purposes only.

Designed For Emergency Arterial Bleeding Scenarios

Our tourniquet training device is an essential item when carrying out training for emergency arterial bleeding scenarios. A tourniquet is a piece of equipment that is designed to place pressure on the limbs to compress the arteries and stop the flow of blood. In emergency situations, a tourniquet can be effectively used to cease haemorrhaging to allow medical treatment to be sought. The LFA First Response tourniquet training device can be used to assist in the learning environment. This tourniquet trainer is made of durable material to ensure multiple uses and can be used for training on the upper and lower extremities.

When life happens, you need to be prepared and LFA First Response stocks a range of products to ensure you’re ready for any situation. We understand that every situation is unique and we provide customised solutions for a range of settings including hospitals, clinics, schools, workplaces and the home. Our products are sourced from reputable Australian suppliers and our team can offer advice and guidance as to the best product for you. We have stock on hand and offer speedy delivery which means you get your products sooner.

LFA First Response stocks a range of wholesale medical supplies for the Australian medical industry. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and high-quality products. For more information about our emergency tourniquet training equipment, contact LFA First Response today. If we don’t stock an item that you need, simply ask us and we can help!


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