Wound Closures 13mm x 100mm (6’s) – Box of 50

Category: SKU: WCC-05


Size: 13mm x 100mm

Strips per Sheet: 6

Box Quantity: 50 Sheets

The AsGUARD® SurgiStrip® Reinforced Skin Closures are appropriate for minor cuts, wounds, and post-operative incisions. They facilitate the removal of sutures or staples post-operation, promoting natural healing while reducing scarring. These closures offer a painless alternative for minor incisions and lacerations.

This SurgiStrip® Reinforced Skin Closure allows for quick and simple application without the need for anesthesia, avoiding needle puncture wounds. It features a medical-grade adhesive that provides excellent strength to keep it securely in place even during skin movement.

Furthermore, it offers optimal support and safeguarding for the wound. Its highly porous, sterile, and non-woven material ensures patient comfort throughout the healing process.


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