Aerotape Waterproof Adhesive Tape 2.5cm x 5m – Individual

Aero HealthCare
Category: SKU: ATW25-I


AeroTape Waterproof Adhesive Fixation tape – a sturdy and durable tape specially designed for use in moist or wet environments. Crafted from a waterproof, medical-grade adhesive, this tape securely fixes bandages, IVs, tubing, and medical devices to the skin. Its user-friendly features include easy tearing and application, making it ideal for a wide range of purposes. Notably gentle on even the most delicate skin, it can be effortlessly removed without causing any irritation or discomfort. With its versatility, AeroTape Waterproof is well-suited for hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare settings. Plus, the 2.5cm x 5m dimensions offer added adhesion for securing larger bandages.


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