Leukofix 2.5cm x 5m BOX OF 12

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Leukofix Transparent Tape boasts a hypoallergenic, water-repellent composition that is gentle on sensitive skin and can be effortlessly torn by hand in any direction. This versatile tape is particularly valuable for securing dressings, whether in emergency situations or during intensive care. Its permeable polyethylene film allows the skin to breathe, ensuring comfort during wear, while its transparency facilitates easy observation of dressings without necessitating tape removal.

With its hypoallergenic adhesive, Leukofix provides secure fixation without risking skin irritation. It conforms adeptly to the body’s contours and can be safely applied to facial, neck, or other cosmetic areas. Noteworthy features include its transparency, which allows for easy monitoring, and its painless removal without leaving behind residue. Additionally, Leukofix offers immediate and enduring adhesion.

Key Features:
– Transparency for easy monitoring
– Hypoallergenic composition reduces allergy risks
– Tearable in various directions: crosswise, lengthwise, and down the middle
– Residue-free, painless removal
– Instant and permanent adhesion

Usage Directions:
Follow package instructions or consult your healthcare professional for guidance.

Keep away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture to maintain product integrity.


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