Allergy Organiser

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The Allergy Organiser is made for educational departments to help organise students and teachers’ allergy medication and information in a handy pouch that has a velcro backing.

Our  Allergy Organiser can be wall mounted in the medical room and folds up for easy transportation and convenient placement.

Allergy cards for individuals can be downloaded and printed from the below link on our website.


Closed size: 43cm x 430cm x 100cm

Open size  : 86cm x 430cm x 50cm

Small pouch size 18.5cm long 13cm high 6cm deep

*Pouches are not insulated*


The importance of allergy treatment cannot be understated. Especially when it comes to young children and those who are more vulnerable. Having a compact allergy organiser for schools gives you the confidence to find the exact equipment or allergy products that you need in the event of an emergency.

Don’t hesitate to contact LFA should you require any further information on our allergy organiser. We can help to organise all of your wholesale medical supplies.


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