Draeger 6000 Breathalyzer Device with Case

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Introducing the Dräger Alcotest® 6000 breathalyzer – a professional-grade tool designed for swift and precise alcohol testing. Boasting a 12-month calibration interval, data logging with download capabilities, and a globally proven measuring technology, this compact and user-friendly device has surpassed 1,000,000 sales worldwide.

Breath alcohol testing is simplified with the Alcotest 6000, which is ready for use within seconds. It allows for both active and passive testing without the need for a mouthpiece when measuring alcohol in the ambient air.

Distinguished by its tried and tested electro-chemical Dräger sensor, the Alcotest 6000 ensures rapid response times, long service life, and reliable operation. The device operates precisely and reliably in temperatures ranging from -5 to +50 °C / 23 to 122 °F, delivering dependable results even in cases of high alcohol content for both active and passive measurements.

User convenience is paramount, with an intuitive one-button operation activating all measurement functions. The large back-lit display features clear, full-text messages to guide users through the alcohol test, complemented by LED and audible signals indicating the completion of a measurement. Two menu buttons facilitate easy navigation for functions such as reviewing test results and optional printing.

Maintaining hygiene standards is effortless with the Slide‘n‘click mouthpiece, designed for easy and correct insertion, even in low light. The device rejects attempts at obstruction, ensuring a continuous air outlet and preventing manipulation during breath sampling. The mouthpiece spacer enhances hygiene by preventing direct contact between the lips and the device’s housing.

The Alcotest Hygiene Plus underscores the device’s commitment to hygiene, featuring non-invasive measuring technologies that prioritize cleanliness for both users and test subjects. The design directs exhaled air past the device, maintaining a 90° angle between the user and the subject, and includes disposable, individually packaged mouthpieces for safe and hygienic use.

With a legacy of over 65 years, Dräger, the global market leader in breath-alcohol testing, produces the Alcotest 6000 in Germany to the highest quality standards. Leveraging professional EC sensor technology, this innovative device ensures precise testing and secure results in various applications, including traffic monitoring by law enforcement agencies worldwide.


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