Egoderm Cream 50g (Skin Conditions)

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LFA First Response stock Egoderm cream 50g which offers relief for cracked, dry and itchy skin. Egoderm is an emollient, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch cream which works gently to reduce the irritation associated with common skin conditions such as dermatitis, persistent eczema, cosmetic and shaving rashes. It can also be used to manage dry, scaly skin. Egoderm cream is corticosteroid free and the moisturising base soothes the skin.

Egoderm cream is suitable for adults, children and babies and is lanolin-free to reduce the risk of irritation. Egoderm ointment effectively reduces itching and inflammation and is gentle enough to use on the whole family. Egoderm ointment can be applied to the skin three times a day or whenever needed. Whether you suffer from persistent skin conditions such as dermatitis or simply experience dry skin, Egoderm is a safe option.  

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