Magnoplasm 100g

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LFA First Response stock Magnoplasm paste 100g which works by drawing water out of the inflamed area and assisting in healing.  You can use Magnoplasm for boils, carbuncles and whitlows and is an effective initial treatment. Magnoplasm paste is a magnesium sulphate-glycerol paste – the glycerol acts as a humectant to attract water to itself and the magnesium sulphate works via osmosis. This means that the paste draws moisture from the area and is also commonly used to remove splinters and other foreign bodies.

To use Magnoplasm for boils or other skin conditions, simply spread the paste approximately 5mm thick on the area that needs to be treated and cover with a non-adhesive dressing. The dressing needs to be changed every 12 – 24 hours and the process can be repeated if necessary. To help spread more easily, Magnoplasm can be warmed before application. 

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