Vitamin C with Hersperdin 500g

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Vitamin C with Hesperidin Complex Powder
Quality Product made in Australian, for your general health and wellbeing. Gentle to the stomach traditional Vitamin C supplement tolerated by most people and an excellent supplement for all year round.
In autumn and summer to help minimize ill effects of heat rashes and pollutants, dryness of the skin may lead to poor circulation and capillary fragility. Sun burns may cause an increased production of free radicals & reactive oxygen species in the body which vitamin C and hesperidin assists to neutralize. Excessive sweating in summer causes loss of minerals from the body particularly Iron which vitamin C assists in absorption from foods
(J Am Acad Dermatol 1998; 38:45-8).

• Contains Glucose for Energy and may not be suitable for diabetic.
• Essential in Collagen, Carnitine, & Tyrosine synthesis, and microsomal metabolism.
• Contains non-toxic homeopathic Selenium, Zinc, Iron and Manganese to enhance cellular activities.
(Being in homeopathic form Selenium from this product is in a very safe dose level)
• It is the best tasting Anti-Oxidant formula to boost yours & your family’s immunity for all year long not just winter.


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