Fabric Fingertip & Knuckle Dressings – Box of 12

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The AeroPlast™ Premium Weight Fabric Adhesive Bandage is a top-quality, durable dressing featuring our SupaBond™ extra-strong adhesive, recommended for situations where a long-lasting, premium plaster is necessary.

AeroPlast™ VEND™ introduces unmatched convenience to plaster dispensing, ensuring ease of use for the user at no extra cost. With a proprietary perforated rip-off top and vending spring, AeroPlast™ VEND™ ensures easy removal and dispensing of plasters until the very last one.

SupaBond Adhesive is exclusively formulated for superior adhesion, ensuring secure attachment without lift-up or edge curling. Latex-free and residue-free, SupaBond™ eliminates the sticky residue often associated with heavy-duty fabric plasters.

Featuring a SupaSorb™ wound pad, this dressing offers exceptional wound management by effectively draining blood or exudates. The highly absorbent pad minimizes dressing changes while protecting the wound from further injury. Additionally, SupaSorb™ keeps the wound site clean and comfortable, reducing pain and trauma during dressing changes.

The conforming and air-permeable heavy-duty fabric backing of AeroPlast™ Premium Fabric dressing makes it ideal for tough applications such as those found in the manufacturing industry. Its superior adhesion and ability to conform to body contours ensure cleanliness and comfort even in challenging conditions.

With a comprehensive range of sizes, AeroPlast™ Premium Fabric dressings cater to all applications, including specialized fingertip and knuckle dressings, large and small patches, as well as standard and extra-wide plasters. Regardless of the wound size or location, AeroPlast™ Premium Fabric has you covered.

For optimal wound care, it is recommended to change the dressing daily or more frequently as needed. Use caution when applying and removing the dressing from sensitive or fragile skin. Seek immediate medical attention for serious wounds and burns, and discontinue use if redness or discomfort occurs, consulting a physician.

Please note that this product is not a substitute for direct medical attention from a healthcare professional.


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