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Placebo Inhaler

LFA First Response stock placebo inhalers which are designed to train patients and medical professionals how to use an inhaler. Our CFC free placebo inhaler contained an aerosol propellant only so the action of successfully using the inhaler can be perfected before the introduction of a medicated inhaler. The placebo inhalers do not contain medication and simulate an albuterol sulphate inhaler. This product is for demonstration purposes only and not for therapeutic use and are designed for training purposes only. 

We stock our own branded LFA First Response inhaler which has been developed specifically for training purposes. These placebo inhalers are designed to mimic the delivery of medication and can be used to practice verbal instructions as well as hand and breath coordination. Having real practice for the use of an inhaler can help boost confidence and ensure consistent medication delivery. Our CFC free placebo inhalers are perfect both for clinical training and also to demonstrate appropriate use for patients who are new to inhalers.

LFA First Response leads the market when it comes to first response solutions for the Australian medical industry. We source high-quality products from reputable Australian suppliers to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction. Whether you require specialist products for a hospital or clinical setting or simply need to keep your office first aid kits up to date, our team can provide guidance and advice.


Choose LFA First Response For Placebo Inhalers

LFA First Response offers unbeatable use-by dates on our consumable products so you can be confident that you’ll get the most out of your items. We’re an Australian owned family business and we pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient customer service. For more information about our placebo wholesale inhalers, contact LFA First Response today. If we don’t stock an item you need, simply ask and we can help.


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