Snake Bite Bandage 10cm x 10.5m – Pack of 12

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Snake Bite Bandage

LFA First Response stocks the AeroForm premium long snake bite bandage which features a correct stretch indicator to ensure you get the correct firmness every time. Whether you’re venturing into outdoor areas for work or leisure or you’re simply within close proximity to bushland, the threat of snakes means that a snake bite bandage is an essential addition to your first aid kit.

Conforming Bandage

The AeroForm snake bite bandage is a heavyweight conforming bandage that can be used in emergency situations in the treatment of snake and funnel-web spider bites. There is enough length available in this bandage for a large adult leg. This bandage is perfect for use with the pressure immobilisation technique which is recommended for the treatment of snake bites. The AeroForm snake bite bandage is wider and longer than most crepe and elastic bandages to allow for correct immobilisation. The continuous indicators ensure that you have used the correct technique following a snake bite.

Pressure Immobilisation

The pressure immobilisation technique is recommended for snake bites, funnel web snake bites, as well as blue-ringed octopus and cone shell stings. Following a snake bite, the snake bite bandage should be applied as soon as possible and should be firm enough to prevent you from being able to slide a finger under the bandage. A further bandage should then be applied, starting at the fingers or toes of the affected limb and extending up to cover as much of the limb as possible. If possible, the limb should be splinted to prevent movement.

LFA First Response is a family-owned Australian business with a passion for providing high-quality medical supplies from reputable suppliers. We also provide customised first aid kits depending on your requirements. For more information about our snake bite bandages, contact LFA First Response today. If you need a product that we don’t stock, simply ask us.

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