Syringe Luer Lock 3ml Box of 100

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Luer Lock Syringes 3ml

LFA First Response stock latex-free Luer Lock syringes 3ml. Luer Lock syringes have been used for generations and were first introduced in 1925 using glass syringes. This has developed over time to allow for the convenience of single-use Luer Lock syringes that we see today. Luer Lock syringes provide a secure means of attaching the needle by twisting or screwing the needle into position. This connection system means that liquid cannot escape and the needle cannot be accidentally removed. Today, Luer Lock syringes are used in a myriad of applications.

Our Luer Lock syringes 3ml come in boxes of 100 syringes. We provide a wide range of wholesale medical supplies with unbeatable use-by dates on essential consumable products. We understand that every customer has a unique set of needs and we can provide advice and guidance to ensure you have what you require.

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