Military Abdominal Large Area Dressing 30 x 30cm

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The FirstCare Military & Civilian Wound Dressing elevates hemorrhage control by integrating multiple treatment tools into a single, efficient, and easily applied unit.

First Care Products offers innovative first-response medical solutions that save lives by enhancing field hemorrhage control, while also providing significant savings in time and resources. Their unique, combat- and clinically-proven direct pressure Emergency Bandage has been adopted by military and civilian organizations globally.

Controlling Hemorrhage Faster:
– Innovative, combat-proven direct pressure bandage
– Trauma bandage and secondary dressing combined
– Quick, easy, and effective application; can be self-applied with one hand

Saving Lives with a Direct Pressure System:
According to US Government statistics, blood loss from trauma directly causes the deaths of 50,000 civilians in the United States annually. The Emergency Bandage advances hemorrhage control by integrating multiple treatment components into a single, effective, and easily applied unit.

Key Applications:
– Standard issue in major military organizations worldwide
– Utilized by Police, SWAT, Fire, and EMS globally
– Quickly stops bleeding from injuries caused by traffic accidents, workplace incidents, home injuries, and violent assaults (e.g., gunshot, knife wounds)

– Integral pressure applicator provides immediate direct pressure to the wound
– Secondary sterile dressing keeps the pad and pressure secure, reducing infection risk
– Built-in closure bar eliminates the need for pins, clips, tape, velcro, or knots
– Non-adherent pad prevents pain and wound reopening upon removal
– Quick and easy application, including self-application

– Rapid bleeding control stabilizes patients and saves lives
– Unique cost-effective administration, logistical, and training savings compared to multiple-bandage solutions
– Significantly reduces in-hospital per-patient treatment costs


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